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McDoom & Company

McDoom & Company

in Lawyers

McDoom & Company is a law firm based in Guyana. We focus on Corporate and Commercial Law, Oil and Gas, Gold Mining, Forestry, Quarry Operations, Trademarks and Patents, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Probate of Wills, & Administration of Estates.

Bajan Recon Car Sales

Bajan Recon Car Sales

in Auto Sales

We have over ten years experience in importing, selling and servicing the very best quality previously-owned vehicles. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and fair. Come on over, we would love to meet you.

Alima's Roti and Pastry

Alima's Roti and Pastry

in Roti Shops, Restaurants, Food and Drink Manufacturers, Caterers, Bakeries

Alima’s Roti Shop is a take-out service, offering Roti Wraps, Caribbean Pastry, Doubles, Roti Shells - (Dhalpuris, Parathas) and other Guyanese and Trinidadian delicacies.

The Roti Hut

The Roti Hut

in Roti Shops

COME GRAB A BITE! Your craving for classic Caribbean dishes is our specialty.

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in Trade Show

Objectives of the GuyTie Exhibition Trade Show: 1. To promote packaged investment opportunities for FDI and local investment. 2. To promote export-ready firms to export markets. 3. To highlight Guyana as a destination for business.