You hire a great salesman.

You start working on the perfect sales pitch.

You strategize.

Now you have the salesman at his best.

If only you could just clone that salesman a thousand times…


The reality is that, in this new digital age, that salesman is becoming almost irrelevant.

Everyone who wants to buy a product or service now goes online to search, investigate, pry, dig, compare and contrast product and producer, before they buy – online.

So your salesman is now replaced by your web-presence, and your website is the voice that carries your sales pitch.

If you could perfect the pitch on your site, then you have your ‘salesman’ at his best, replicated over ond over again, working relentlessly day and night, regular days and holidays, local and worldwide.


There is a major challenge in this picture though.

You may have the best sales-site, but it can float in the darkness of space for ever without a single soul looking at it. People do not come to your site by magic. They would not know that it exists unless you tell them about it or draw them to it, or place it strategically in front of them so that they cannot miss it as they travel the highways of the web.

This is much like a business owner designing an awesome brochure, full colour with high quality graphics and a catchy message. He prints thousands of copies. The brochure comes back from the print-shop in boxes and the boxes are stored behind the manager's desk in the office. No effort is made to distribute them; to take them door-to-door, to send them out in the mail with a stamp, to place them in strategic places in lobbies or notice boards.

Then the manager starts worrying when business slows down.

If you do not promote your site it will not deliver your sales pitch. Just building a site is not enough. Not near enough. You have to make further investments in promoting the site.


There are many ways to promote.

  • Paid Search (when people use search engines they find you easier because you have paid Google to give you some prominence)
  • Organic search (You spend time and money to do Search Engine Optimization)
  • Organic Social – you invest a lot of time on social.
  • Paid Social – you pay the social platforms to promote your site.
  • Advertising your service and site on other web properties which have traffic.
  • Displaying your site on offline ads, like bilboards, magazines, TV and Radio.
  • Placing your company in credible directories, with your listing pointing to your site.


As you explore your options with your web professional, consider using CaribFind Business Directory.

CaribFind is a Directory which is clean, crisp, and which has concentrated local traffic. And it is cheap.

Consider investing in a CaribFind premium listing for a small annual fee which is much lower that most, if not all, the other options.


The CaribFind Team


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