What is the cost of NOT advertising?

What is the cost of NOT advertising?

What is the cost of not advertising?

You spend twenty-four thousand dollars a year renting a small store. You then pay all the utilities, insurance and all the other overheads. You hire staff and they are there waiting ...  waiting for feet to come through the door.

Getting those feet through the door is very important; the more feet, the better. The number of feet coming through will be the difference between success and failure, between stagnation and growth, between your ‘business’ being a real enterprise or just a headache-filled low-paying job.

Some companies pay big bucks for feet. In Times Square, New York,  rent for a small 1000 sq. ft. store can be about $US 50,000 a month. Yes, a month. There are a lot of  human feet walking past those square feet..

If you do not have dozens or hundreds of feet walking into, or past, your doors each day, how much would you spend on advertising to get those feet?


How much you are already investing in rent, other overheads, and staff?

Today ‘feet’ are not as important as ‘eye-balls’. Everyone, from Billy the Kid to Butch the Barber, goes online when they want to buy something or secure a service; even if they do not intend to shop online they make sure to check online first.

Companies who want to survive or grow in this highly competitive modern market-place must get the eye-balls on their internet properties. Having a website is essential, but there are hundreds of millions of them sitting out there in the dark. No visitors. Getting eyes to the site is what matters.

There are companies who specialize in getting eyeballs to sites. Some specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. Online-marketing service companies can be very expensive. 

Strategizing for ‘eyeballs’ is critical and involves SEO, Organic Search, Paid Search, Organic Social, Paid Social, and other forms of digital advertising. Some companies have multiple internet properties; some have literally hundreds of mini-sites, each focusing on one product. By having all these properties they cast a wide net, they broaden their footprint. They invest in these multiple properties because they want to be found.

But this is expensive isn't it?

Many companies do not think twice when it comes to paying the everyday costs, but they become very timid when it comes to advertising. This is a mistake.


Consider this;

What is the cost of not getting enough business? 

You have a whole facility; you have stock and you have staff, but you do not get enough feet or eyeballs coming to you; is there a real cost to not having enough business?

You are paying for that empty restaurant; you are paying for the empty hotel room.

How much do you lose when your restaurant is empty for a few hours? How much do you lose when just one hotel room is empty for one week?


Measure that loss against the cost of advertising.

Smart advertising is key to success and growth, or survival. Being in the mind’s eye of consumers is becoming indispensable as consumers receive hundreds of ad messages each day. The consumer has only so much mind-space.  You have to get in there and then stay in their mind's eye.

 Advertising on the net is indispensible. All eyes are on the net. This is the new Main Street, the new Times Square. Widening your web foot-print as wide as possible is just plain smart.

Caribfind.Tel’s Premium Business Listing gives you almost a mini-website which you control. It’s another internet property for your business and part of your web-footprint. It offers extensive description, 20 -picture gallery, video slot, a link to your URL, your Social Media feeds coming to your page, sub-list for multiple locations, hours of operation, links to deals and classifieds on the platform, ability to upload a PDF with any relevant information e.g. a restaurant menu, and more features coming.

For $US 275.00 a year (not a month) you just can’t go wrong.

Open your business to the whole Caribbean and the world. Cast a wider net. Expand your footprint. Be found.

The CaribFind Team


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