Alima's Roti and Pastry

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Alima's Roti Shop is a take-out service, offering Roti Wraps, Caribbean Pastry, Doubles, Roti Shells - (Dhalpuris, Parathas) and other Guyanese and Trinidadian delicacies.

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13 Kenview Blvd.
Unit 49
Brampton, Ontario L6T 5K9

Major intersection is Goreway and Steels. Kenview is one block South of Steels off Goreway. Kenview is the street opposite the entrance to Wet N Wild (Wild Water Kingdom)

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Additional Locations

13 Kenview Blvd
Unit 46
Brampton, Ontario

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  • Roti
  • Parathas
  • Dhalpuri
  • Whole sale roti shells.
  • Doubles
  • Aloo Pies
  • Currant Rolls
  • Polouri
  • Pine Tarts
  • Chinese cakes
  • Cheese Rolls
  • Beef Pies
  • Chicken Pies
  • Samosas
  • Polouri
  • Tennis Rolls
  • Plait bread


About Alima's:

Alima’s is a favourite destination for persons in the Greater Toronto Area, and way beyond, who appreciate authentic Caribbean Roti and Pastry. We are a take-out service, offering Roti Wraps, Parathas, Dhalpuris, Doubles and an impressive array of Pastry. Alima’s Roti Shop was started in 1990 by Alima Ali with a staff of two, For two years Alima (still the current owner) and friends concentrated on making only Parathas and Dhalpuris for a small number of customers. Orders were received by phone. There were no walk-in customers as the business was not as yet ‘public’. Actually, there was no signage on the front until the end of 1992. By that time, the business had started growing rapidly. Advertising was by word-of-mouth only. At the end of 1992 we decided to open to the public by putting up signage, and creating a take-out area. We have now grown from the staff of two to a fantastic staff of 26 full-time employees; the business now occupies four units and we serve the public six days a week. Our menu has expanded over the years as well and now includes a variety of Caribbean Pastry, Curries, Sweets, Sauces, and the must-have ‘fries’ like Polouri, Aloopies and Doubles!


NEW COVID-19 HOURS Monday - Friday - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Saturdays - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Sundays - CLOSED We are closed on all public holidays.


2 Reviews
Delicious nutritious Food

Must Try DhalPuri .

October 2018

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Awesome Place to Grab your Homie food

Alima is an home like place from where you can grab food even living away from home you can have taste like home.

November 2017

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