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Get Alima's awesome line of "Eat-Easy" foods delivered to your door, if you live in the GTA. For full list of our "Eat-Easy" items visit our website. Home delivery ordered online only at Check it out!

Enjoy the super convenience of home-delivery. Save money. Cheaper than cooking at home.


Brampton, Ontario

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  • Professionally Packaged:
  • Curries - Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Shrimp, Fish
  • Veg Dishes, Incliuding Pumpkin, Ochro, Bodi (Bora or String Beans)
  • Curry Mango, Chataigne (Catahar)
  • Dhall, Stews.
  • Baingan Choka (Egg Plant), Tomato Choka, Coconut Choka,
  • Rotis, Dhalpuris, Parathas, Aloo Puris
  • Condiments: Achar, Peppper Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Pickles.
  • Cakes and Caribbean Bread
  • Cassava Pone
  • Polouri, Potato balls, Aloo Pies, Doubles
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of food do you deliver?

A: We deliver our delicious Caribbean prepared foods frozen and packaged for your convenience. These include curries, chokas, stews, roti (paratha and dhalpuri flatbreads), and doubles. We also deliver bottled condiments and spreads, snacks, and our breads.

Q: Can I order freshly-made food for delivery?

A:  Because of our delivery schedule and routes we are unable to deliver non-frozen perishable items at this time. We deliver only food that is packaged and frozen, or non-perishable packaged items such as bottled condiments. 

Q: Can I place orders by phone or in person at the shop?

A: All orders are placed and paid for only on this website. This is an ecommerce service and is a separate operation from the Alima's store, so staff at the store cannot take orders or payments for this service.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: At the moment we deliver to the Greater Toronto Area. As we are made aware of demand in other areas of southern Ontario we will add them to our service area. If you would like our service in your city, please leave us a message using the contact form on our Contact Us page.

Q: Do you deliver to apartments and condo buildings?

A: Yes. If you live in a multistory apartment or condo building please make sure someone is home during the day (after 12:00pm) to receive your order. We will phone you before delivery to make sure someone is home. Please provide your buzzer number at checkout.  If no one is home at the time of delivery the order will be returned to our location.  A refund will be issued minus the delivery fee. 


Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: Orders that are $100 or more have no shipping charges.  Orders that are less than $100 are charged a flat rate of $9.75 per delivery. This charge helps us with the cost of getting the product to you as well as the special packaging we use to keep your items cool.

Q: When do you deliver? Can I get my order right away?

A: We deliver on a fixed schedule.  So it depends on where you're having your items delivered.  See the schedule below for which day you can expect your delivery.

Monday Halton
Tuesday Peel
Wednesday Toronto
Thursday York
Friday Durham

Orders can be placed up to 8:00 am on the delivery day itself.  For more information please see our Shipping page.

Q: How late can I order before delivery day?

A: We do have an order cutoff time for our weekly delivery day. Our order cutoff time is at 8:00am sharp of your delivery day.  For example Mississauga's cut off is Tuesday at 8:00am, because they are part of Peel (please see our Shipping page).

Q: How long will your products last in the freezer?

A: Frozen foods last at least three months in the freezer and potentially much longer,  provided that the temperature inside the freezer is set at -18 Degrees Celsius or lower. At temperatures any warmer than -18C any type frozen food will slowly decline in quality. The best way to ensure that your freezer is set at -18C or below is to use a fridge/freezer thermometer placed inside the freezer and adjust your freezer's settings until the temperature is reached.

Q: Are your foods halal?

A: Yes. We have strict standards for the foods we eat and sell. For more information please contact us at

Q: What time on my delivery can I expect my delivery?

A: Deliveries will be made after 12:00p.m. until the evening, but not after 7:00p.m.


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