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Former Senior Citizenship and Immigration Officer (PM3) 23 years - RCIC Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University. Educator and Designated Subject Matter Expert at L.A.P.E.C.


Phyllis Ramkumar - Immigration Consultant
Toronto, Ontario

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Extensive knowledge and experience in the various lines of Immigration Enforcement and Procedures which included the refugee intake processing, refugee application for landing, extensions of temporary resident status for visitors, processed temporary resident permits, in-Canada spousal sponsorship applications transferred from CPC Mississauga some of which involved criminality or misrepresentation, redetermination of permanent resident status, 44 reports, and transportation loans. I also acted in the privacy coordinator’s role for a period of 18 months. The last 5 years of my career I was processing applications for Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration in the Application for Permanent Resident Unit. In addition to my regular duties, I acted as a Unit Supervisor on several occasions during my career with CIC. As an Immigration Officer, I was afforded the opportunity to work in a team environment as well as independently. These various duties gave me extensive knowledge and experience in the department as well as enabling me to apply the Immigration Acts and Regulations, policies and procedures in an efficient manner to achieve the department’s goals and objectives. Additional Training and Educational Experience In January 2004, I prepared an educational training manual on 44 reports and admissibility proceedings. I was also involved in the hands on education and training for 131 Officers from the Toronto Central CIC and the 75 Officers from the Mississauga CPC. In September 2004, I was selected as a sponsored employee of the Federal Government to work for United Way for 52 weeks as training instructor. This was quite a challenging assignment and I received a letter from CEO of United Way for an excellent performance on this assignment. I also performed the duties of a board member on a few competition processes for the purpose of hiring PSR- PM-2 Developmental Officers for CIC. This was in the year 2005.

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