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Roti is a generic Indian term for flat breads. In the Caribbean the word Roti has evolved to mean a wrap or a sandwich, which is a Roti (Roti Shell, Roti Skin) in which is placed curried meat or vegetables. There are different types of roti shells, the most popular being Dhalpuri, a soft flatbread with a thin layer of ground split peas inlaid in the skin. Another is Paratha,  or Buss up Shut, or Buss up Shirt and sometimes called 'plain' roti as it looks plain; however a well made paratha involves more labour in making. In Trinidad the Dhalpuri is preferrred as the skin, and in Jamaica the Paratha is preferred. Visitors to the Caribbean have developed a taste for Roti (the sandwich), and there are numerous Roti Shops in North America and the UK. Given the lively taste and the well-known health benefits of curry, you should plan on visiting a Roti Shop near you. A good hot Roti is a real pick-me-up in winter months.


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Welcome to Drupati's serving the finest Trinidadian cuisine for over 20 Years

26 Eastern Main Road
San Juan, TT

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Roti Hut

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18 North Rd. & Albert St
Alberttown - Georgetown, East Bank Demerara

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592 225 7431

Aunt Jean Creams

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Aunt Jean Creams prides its parlour on providing. Top quality ice cream, pastries, coffee, quick lunches (ROTI, Patty, Sandwiches, Soups) and other snacks at an affordable price so its Fresh, ole fashion GOODNESS can be enjoyed by everyone.

36 Parkdale Ave. North
Unit 3
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 5W8

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